Owners of middle market companies face unique challenges when it comes to addressing critical strategic issues such as the sale, refinancing or strategic analysis of their businesses. Efficient access to buyers, sellers and capital providers can be significantly more challenging in this market. DHGCF’s exclusive focus on this market provides our clients the highest quality service available and can make a significant positive impact achieving the financial goals of the clients we work with.

Our financial skill set in mergers and acquisitions, principal investing, executive management and corporate finance as well as our significant transaction experience provides a unique perspective of the marketplace. We enjoy working directly with the owners of middle market businesses and understand that each of our engagements often represents the most important financial event in a company's history. 

  • INVESTMENT BANKING FIRM with middle-market experience
    and knowledge of the unique challenges
    these organizations face
  • CLIENT-FOCUSED providing senior level, quality advice
    to owners, boards, and shareholders
  • ASSISTANCE with mergers and acquisitions
    and the private placement of debt
    and equity securities
  • STRATEGIC SERVICES for what could be the most important
    financial event in a company's history

DHGCF’s clients typically face a unique set of financial and strategic issues that require thoughtful solutions.

DHGCF has extensive experience providing mergers and acquisitions advice to owners and shareholders of middle market companies. We provide our clients with high-quality investment banking services, typically only available to larger companies from full service financial institutions. DHGCF’s merger and acquisition practice includes sell side and targeted buy side services.

Our role in merger and acquisition assignments is to:

  • Supply market presence and knowledge
  • Enhance credibility of transaction process
  • Provide analytical support
  • Manage transaction process
  • Assist with negotiations
  • Act as intermediary.
Sell-Side Services

DHGCF adds significant value during a sell-side assignment through the coordination and execution of a well-managed marketing process. We structure each process to meet the client's specific goals. With significant experience managing sell-side and divestiture processes for corporations, private equity groups and individual business owners, DHGCF provides knowledge and appropriate resources throughout each stage of a transaction. A professionally managed process creates a competitive environment that typically produces an increase in value and improved terms that can greatly exceed the cost of our services.

We strive for the following level of service for clients who utilize DHGCF’s Sell-Side Services:

  • Close the transaction in a timely manner
  • Achieve the best offer available in the market
  • Maximize their strategic and financial options
  • Minimize disruption to the company during the process 
  • Maintain strategic options and flexibility.
Targeted Buy-Side Services

DHGCF provides buy side advisory services in targeted situations for clients in structuring, negotiating and closing strategic acquisitions of companies, divisions and product lines. We are intimately involved from start to finish, from concept through completion of a specific project. We aim to learn as much as possible about our client's products, markets and industry to develop the most appropriate strategy to meet their objectives. DHGCF provides the experience necessary to complete acquisitions on favorable terms.

We aim to achieve the following goals for clients who utilize DHGCF’s Buy-Side Services:

  • Negotiate the best offer available for the transaction
  • Take full advantage of their strategic and financial options
  • Limit disruption to the company during the process
  • Close the transaction in a timely manner.

Through our focus on middle market companies, we have developed relationships with capital providers with a similar focus. DHGCF can assist companies in accessing providers of private equity, mezzanine debt and senior debt. We have created an institutional network where we maintain a constant dialogue that allows us to know the financing requirements of each capital source and when those requirements change. DHGCF focuses on matching the needs of our clients to those of the capital markets in a highly disciplined manner.

We examine the company’s entire capital structure in order to determine the most cost-efficient means to achieve our client’s objective whether it is growth capital or capital required for an acquisition. DHGCF assesses the costs and financial flexibility of alternatives and recommends an approach. We then prepare a detailed offering memorandum, contact targeted potential investors, arrange necessary meetings, assist in all aspects of structuring and negotiating the transaction and coordinating the closing documentation.

Private Equity

Taking on a new equity partner - whether it is for growth capital or capital required for an acquisition - can be a sensitive issue and a difficult process for any company. To best serve our clients in this area, DHGCF has dedicated the firm to working with the middle market and has developed a comprehensive knowledge base of private equity groups and family offices focused on middle market companies.

Utilizing our network, complemented by focused databases, we strive to deliver strong partners for each company. DHGCF's experience with these institutions and understanding of their respective investment objectives and areas of focus enables us to provide our clients with an accurate market analysis and the right partner. We will guide you through the entire process from analyzing your capital needs, preparing the offering memorandum, selecting an appropriate equity partner, due diligence, negotiations and closing.

Junior Capital

Growth capital for middle market companies often takes the form of subordinated or mezzanine debt. DHGCF has developed relationships with mezzanine funds focused on middle market companies. Given the ever-changing criteria and funding capabilities of these firms, we communicate frequently to facilitate locating the appropriate capital depending upon our client’s industry, stage of growth and capital requirements. DHGCF helps companies in identifying, structuring and closing the transaction that best fits their financial objectives.

Senior Debt

Senior debt for middle market companies can be difficult to find. Through our extensive relationships with commercial bankers and other senior lenders, DHGCF aims to provide our clients with a variety of solutions to their funding needs and an up-to-date market analysis. We will help you to achieve your objectives through a process that produces the best alternatives for your company.

DHG Corporate Finance provides a full range of financial advisory services to companies of all sizes. These services typically address critical strategic issues impacting shareholder value and management's ability to effectively run a business. In all assignments, our approach is tailored to meet the client's specific objectives.

DHG Corporate Finance’s financial advisory services include:

  • Advising in mergers and acquisitions, including sell side and targeted buy side assignments
  • Structuring leveraged transactions such as management buyouts, ESOP's and recapitalizations.
Recapitalizations and ESOP's

DHGCF’s partners have extensive experience assisting companies and shareholders in undertaking leveraged recapitalizations. Our services include:

  • Assisting companies and management teams through the entire process, including valuation
  • Structuring the transaction
  • Raising the appropriate capital

DHGCF can also assist our clients with the selection of appropriate legal counsel and accounting firms.

Management Buyouts

DHGCF’s partners have extensive experience working for and with private equity funds investing in management buyouts. Our combination of principal investing and investment banking experience as well as our history of working with capital providers makes us uniquely qualified to assist management teams through the buyout process. We assist management teams through all aspects of the transaction including valuation, structure, sources of capital and closing. Through our extensive database of professional services firms, we also can assist management teams in the selection of legal counsel and accountants.

Other Strategic Advisory Services

In addition to services performed as part of our merger and acquisition practice, DHGCF provides services to clients seeking independent, third party valuation expertise. We can assist companies in analyzing and evaluating the prospective impact on value of various financial and strategic alternatives and provide financial opinions and valuation services to both public and private companies in connection with mergers, acquisitions, tax and estate planning and other transactions.

Our capabilities in providing financial opinions and other valuation services include:

  • Analyzing a company involved in a proposed transaction through a variety of analytical valuation methodologies
  • Preparing and delivering a detailed presentation of our conclusions
  • Serving as an expert witness to defend an opinion or valuation if challenged as part of a legal or regulatory proceeding
  • Providing valuation guidance for the redemption of an individual shareholder interest from a private company
  • Providing valuation guidance to a company considering a merger, acquisition, public offering, employee stock ownership plan ("ESOP") or other type of transaction
  • Reviewing strategic alternatives
  • Analyzing and executing going-private transactions

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